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Lev Vodnik Stonemasonry

The family run stonemason company Vodnik has been operating since 1857 and is one of the oldest quarrying companies in Slovenia. At the beginning stone was handcrafted in its own quarry, but later the company moved to Ljubljana, where it had been operating until the end of the war.

Because of the rapid expansion of the city the company had to move to Podutik near Ljubljana after the war, where it has remained until today. Stonemasonry Vodnik was the last stone company that carried out quarrying work for the architect Jože Plečnik.


We are particularly proud of our tradition and wealth of experience.

Satisfied customers

Through years of experience, we have learned to listen to our customers. We know how to advise, listen and take into account all your wishes.

Thanks to its many colour variations, stone has been the voice of art for centuries, and today, with the use of modern technology that allows for different types of finishes, it can become an enviable product in a room. It is a timeless material that adds value to your home and is truly a first-class choice.

Lev Vodnik Stonemasonry is the right place to go to get the right advice, the right first-hand information and the right choice of natural stone for your project. Our long and rich tradition, backed by experience since 1857, has taught us that we know how to bring out the beautiful lines of complex stonework forms from cold stone. We produce our own and exclusive ranges of marble, granite, trevartine and limestone.

The most important guiding principle of our stonemasonry is to understand and determine the client’s needs, as only by doing this together can we achieve the desired product. We guide each client through the entire process, from selecting the right materials to advising on the various finishes and final shapes, whatever the need, whether it is a headstone or a complex decorative wall covering. We always follow fashion trends and are able to listen to the client’s needs. All our stonework products and materials are tested before they are installed and placed on the market.

Tombstones are our main business we manufacture and install everything from 3d tombstones to classic monuments. Tombstones can include statues reliefs of convex and concave lines and are complemented with a variety of hand or modern finishing techniques.

We offer a complete service from the cutting of rough blocks and rocks to finishing and installation.

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